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The Coupe de la Ligue Regulations

Official name: the Coupe de la Ligue (the French League Cup)
The number of participants: 45
General provisions
The Coupe de la Ligue is the newest national Cup competition of Europe. It was established in 1995 while adopting almost all rules of the corresponding contest in England. All clubs from the first three divisions possessing a professional status participate in this tournament. Whereby the second and the third divisions representatives enter the contest at the final 1/32 stage, and the ticket to the Champions League owners join the tournament at the 1/8 stage.
In its early days the Coupe de la Ligue was a summer tournament, held in June or July. Since 1995 this competition had been conducted from September till March, and in 2006 the decision was taken to organize it during the August–April period. The tournament draw as well as exact dates of any stage matches are defined on a course of the competition.
French Football Federation rules contain only recommendations: the final 1/64 is held after the first Ligue 1 round – in the middle of August, 1/32 – at the end of August. 1/16 final matches are played during the latest October weekend, and 1/8 – soon after the Champions League group stage end. The Coupe de la Ligue semi-finals are carried out early in February, before the Champions League play-off beginning. Lastly, the final may take place in March or April.
Unlike Coupe de France, the venue for each match is defined the day before draw. The team may play all matches at home, except for the final traditionally organized at the Stade de France stadium.
Win in the tournament
The Coupe de la Ligue winner obtains a ticket to the 4th qualifying round of the Europa League. In case the trophy holder ranks 1–4 in Ligue 1, the ticket goes to the 5th or 6th Championship team. The Coupe de la Ligue finalist doesn’t move to the Europa League.